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   The term abstract has been abused and means almost anything that is not recognizable or representational. In fact, all art is abstract, in the sense that it is a combination of form and color in different ways.  A more accurate term would be non-representational art; however, this term has its own drawbacks. The paintings included on this page are intended as art that is non-representational; art which attempts to evoke another view of reality through texture, form, and color. This is an ongoing page with more images added each week 

Left.  Title: untitled 2010.

This work is a sketch that intends to evoke a complex, polyphonic relationship between parts.

Acrylic on canvas. Tryptich. SOLD



Right.  Title : Buck.

Oil on canvas. SOLD. 

This painting attempts to evoke some of the atmosphere that is associated with the African environment


Garden. Mixed media. Sold

Abstract in progress. August 2019. Mixed media on canvas.

Yellow and sienna. Mixed media and collage. June 2019.

Atmosphere 1. Mixed media on canvas. 2019

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