Essentially, this site is a showcase of my work and thoughts on Art. It is still in the process of being developed and I will continue to add new works and areas to the site over the next week. The idea behind the site, however, is much more ambitious than just another art gallery. The direction that Art is taking in the post-postmodern world is to say the least very dramatic. We have a resurgence of romanticism, a denial of conceptual art and various other auguries of a new revolution in art that is only beginning to merge. I intend to explore these emerging trends in these blog posts, as well as reflecting on the way the impact my painting and sculptures.


 The works that I wish to create emerge from a a number of sources and points of inspiration. These include the works of Marin Heidegger, the art of Anselm Kiefer and ,many others and the experiments of the abstract expressionists, to name but a very few.

I have also been strongly influenced, and am indebted to the films and other works by David Lynch. I will be exploring these and other form of non-rationalistic art and literature in these blog posts.












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